Simple Simon Says, Follow Strip Poker Rules!

Simple Simon Says, Follow Strip Poker Rules!

The Rise of Strip Poker

The popularity of strip poker was fueled by TV shows and the web. The internet version uses multi-user chat rooms, webcams and microphones. Users pit their skills against each other and the game ends with player clothed or outstripped. Even without money involved, online strip poker can be just as thrilling as real strip poker games. Both follow strip poker rules, which may vary though.

Chips or Strip?

If you don’t have the guts to do a real strip in front your poker opponents, then strip on line. Stripping online affords a sense of unreality about the whole thing. Your opponents can only ogle you through their webcams; whether its chips or strip, there are sets of rules to follow. Before you start pitting yourself against ace players here are some strip poker rules to guide you.

Simple Strip Poker Rules

For offline games, it is prudent to select the players. Party strip poker themes must only include guests who are too willing to participate and enjoy the game. It is also an unspoken rule that the game be only played with friends. It is taboo to let family members and neighbors participate.

Strip poker should be held in real tight privacy. There should be no children around or nosey neighbors. Ideally, players should be partners or would-be partners to add a lot of sizzle to any adult party.

Strip Poker is played similarly to the standard poker. Instead of cash, losers are required to strip. Before a game starts players should agree on the cost of each clothing article. The cost of a pair or single socks, shorts, necktie or handkerchief must all be itemized and evaluated. The cost of the items also represents the cash counterparts absent in the game.

The second golden rule demands that all players wear the same number of clothing. It would be unfair if some players don layers of outer clothing, while the rest did not. They can also agree on the matter of buying back clothes. However, strip poker regulations are flexible.

Strip poker should be simple, and betting rounds fewer. This takes off the sting in live strip poker. The loser is determined by the number of clothes he has removed. Of course, the lucky winner has some piece of clothing on.

Truth, Dare or Strip

Since strip poker rules are not rigid, players can decide beforehand if they should start with cash bets. As it happens when the cash dries up, the stripping begins. The real fun starts and the scene heats up offline or online. The players can also be divided into two teams – men against women.

Players may decide on truth or dare. Here, the loser is asked if he wants a dare or a question. The questions may be difficult mind teasers or personal. It is one of the unspoken strip poker rules to require players to ask relatively harmless personal questions. Everybody is there for the fun, not the fight. Right?