The Las Vegas Fremont Street Experience

The Las Vegas Fremont Street Experience

When traveling to Las Vegas there are a whole bunch of important experiences to pay attention to. Considering that there are opportunities at every corner that you turn, Las Vegas really is a haven for those who want to gamble, play the slot machines, and have plenty of fun. But there is actually plenty more to do than just gamble at the many casinos throughout Las Vegas. Indeed, the Las Vegas Fremont Street Experience isn’t simply called the “experience” for no reason at all. There is plenty to do while your outside of the casino and hitting the town. Here are just a few of the exciting features and things that one will be able to have while gathering as much of the Fremont Street Experience as possible!

Amazing LED Displays

There are plenty of LED displays for those visiting Las Vegas. In fact, the lights display that are always on is actually called a “canopy” of lights. But considering how many LED lights are used for this Las Vegas attraction, the main part of the Fremont Street Experience, should shed light on the fact how much work this all took. A couple interesting facts about the canopy of lights that pedestrians and visitors always love looking at include that there are over 12 million of these LED lights. In addition, the canopy is also capable or producing more than a half-million watts of amazing sound!

Pedestrian Grand Mall

The whole pedestrian mall is filled with beautiful music at all times in this great Las Vegas area. However, the only time that music is not being played is when the light and sound shows are displayed. In fact, the light and sound shows usually go on regularly on the Las Vegas Fremont Street Experience and there are plenty of songs and lights that the city of Las Vegas uses in order to attract, entice, and satisfy their visitors and tourists. Some of the more interesting songs that are played to light shows include “American Freedom,” “Lucky Vegas,” “Area 51,” as well as “The Drop.” Many people will tell you that they have an incredible time watching the light and sound shows available on the malls and they are usually too good for anyone to pass up the opportunity to enjoy the true Las Vegas city!

The Neonopolis

Just when you thought that you have seen it all as far as shopping malls go, the Las Vegas experience truly turns the city into a plethora of shops, entertainment opportunities, as well as hundreds of restaurants that can be enjoyed. Many people enjoy walking downtown Las Vegas just to be able to experience Neonopolis, which is an amazing pedestrian mall in its own rite.

There you have it: the amazing details of a whole lot of experiences that could be had by simply visiting outside the casino walls in Las Vegas. Many people are thrilled not only by Neonopolis, but also by the millions of lights and sounds that can be heard throughout the Fremont Street Experience of the Las Vegas world!