The Best Shows Las Vegas Offers

The Best Shows Las Vegas Offers

For the best shows and the best free shows Las Vegas has to offer, you only need to do a little research online. Of course, it helps if you know someone who has recently been to Las Vegas. Because then you’ll find out about the free shows, but also which ones are really worth seeing.

It’s helpful to know someone like that because Las Vegas offers so many shows that there’s no way you’ll be able to see them all. So many of the shows in Las Vegas are free that you won’t even be able to see all the free ones in a single vacation.

The free shows Vegas has to offer are chiefly in the big casino hotels. Places like Harrah’s, the MGM Grand, Circus Circus and Bally’s offer free entertainment to guests and visitors. Of course, you’ll want to see some of the regular paid shows while you’re in Vegas, too.

You’ll probably want to see Mr. Las Vegas, Wayne Newton, while you’re in town. And other great shows like Celine Dion, dancers, the Cirque du Soleil, magicians like Criss Angel and others make Las Vegas one of the most entertaining cities in the world.

Don’t assume that even long-running shows have seats available. Just because the act appears for months or years as a time, doesn’t mean that the house isn’t packed for most performances. Book those shows before you leave on your trip to avoid the disappointment of sold out venues.

In some cases, even booking several weeks in advance isn’t far enough for long-running shows. So plan your vacation as far in advance as possible to make sure you get not only great room and travel rates, but tickets to the best shows.

As for the free Las Vegas shows, they range from cultural performances to animal shows to fashion shows. Some aren’t really considered “shows” but consist of entertainment performance throughout the day at various times, like the circus acts at the Circus Circus casino hotel.

Some of the fun things to see are the choreographed fountains in front of the Bellagio. Lights and music make them fun to watch. You can catch the Bellagio’s fountain show every 15 minutes to half hour. Every 15 minutes, the volcano in front of The Mirage erupts. These aren’t “shows” but are free entertainment that’s easy to enjoy while on the Strip.

You can enjoy watching fish being fed underwater at the Silverton Hotel Las Vegas. There are free concerts, street entertainers and light shows on Fremont Street, and an exotic bird show as well as Hawaiian performers at the Hawaiian Marketplace.

Free Las Vegas shows even include things like large open air concerts at Harrah’s and The District, as well as stunts, fashion shows and theatrical productions. Don’t think that only free shows and the big ticket shows are the only ones available, either.

Some of the best and most unique shows Las Vegas has to offer are things like dinner theaters and smaller shows that don’t get advertised as much as the huge venue shows.