Honduras Casinos

Honduras Casinos

The Republic of Honduras is situated in Central America and shares borders with Guatemala, El Salvador, and Nicaragua, with a shoreline to the Pacific Ocean to the south, the Gulf of Honduras and the Caribbean Sea to the north.
This beautiful, exotic country shares the unmistakable charm and mystique that all Central and South American countries carry with rich culture, history, and traditions.

One such tradition in Honduras is gambling, which is legal and practiced in three casinos across the country situated in La Ceiba, San Pedro Sula, and the capital Tegucigalpa. All three Honduras casinos are also hotel resorts. The casino in Tegucigalpa, called the Honduras Maya Hotel & Real, is probably the most visited by tourists and locals; it offers six table games dedicated to blackjack, poker, and roulette, as well as 45 slot machines. The Honduras casino resort also offers a hotel with 200 rooms and suites, a restaurant, bar, coffee shop, health club, cocktail lounge, and a shopping arcade with different hours than those of the casino.

The Honduras casino situated in the city of San Pedro Sula is known as Hotel Copantl Sula & Casino Copantl, and as the name suggests, it is a hotel resort, as well. The gambling facilities of this casino include eight table games dedicated to blackjack, poker, and roulette, as well as ten slot machines. The hotel has 205 rooms and suites, a restaurant, a coffee shop, a bar, health club with sauna facilities, a swimming pool, and tennis court, as well.

The third Honduras casino situated in La Ceiba is also the smallest of them all. All Honduras casinos enforce the rule of 18 years or more in order to gamble, and the same applies for consumption of alcoholic beverages. Though not always required, it is advised to carry recent photo identification with you when visiting a casino. Spanish is the official language in Honduras, but English is widely spoken in tourist frequented places such as casinos, hotels, restaurants, and bars.

There are other gambling activities available in Honduras, but only casinos are legal and therefore it is not advised to engage in other such activities. The Honduras casinos periodically will make gambling lessons available to initiate those who are new to a particular game or the gambling world.