Famous Shows in Las Vegas

Famous Shows in Las Vegas

Amidst all the gambling and casino scenes that take place in Las Vegas it is naturally hard to realize the other things that take place on a regular basis. When visiting the area there are always going to be the world-famous hotels that one just has to visit. But on the other hand, why not take a trip to some of the other famous Las Vegas shows and experience some of the other reasons why the city of Las Vegas is loved so much? There are actually plenty of alternative shows to attend if you want to break away from the hustle and bustle of being in one of the world class casinos, but the main point of attending one of these shows is so that some other points of the Las Vegas culture can show through besides the gambling side. So here they are: the shows that are most famous throughout all of Las Vegas:

Penn and Teller

Chances are that you have heard of this magic act duo, but how many times have you been able to experience a front row seat during this show? There are actually many people who love Penn and Teller but have no idea that they perform many times over in the front stages of Las Vegas. They truly are a classic show for everyone that loves magic tricks and are a kid at heart, but there show will leave you yearning for more of the amazing feats that are performed on the Las Vegas stages.

Cirque du Soleil

There are many great shows that are routinely shown at the Cirque du Soleil, which is an institution in Las Vegas for purely entertainment reasons. A couple of the shows that should be attended during one’s stay include “KA,” which recently just started touring the Las Vegas area and now it is being shown at the MGM Grand, as well as the show titled “O,” and the Cirque du Soleil show titled “A.” Of course, there is always the opportunity to be able to see “Mystere,” which is now shown at the Treasure Island Hotel and Resort on the Las Vegas Strip.

Broadway Shows

Even though many people think that Broadway shows are reserved for the streets of Broadway in New York City, there has been much popularity with bringing them to the streets of Las Vegas. In fact, one popular show that is currently being shown in Las Vegas is titled “Mamma Mia!” This show combines some of the best hits from the ’70s era, but also is an awesome show for anyone to see!

There are plenty of other shows to go to as well if you are looking for entertainment around the city. Of course, the possibility always exists to say in the casinos and hotels where something, or some show, is always going on, but a rather fun thing to do would be to seek out the events that you like the most. Indeed, if you love the Cirque du Soleil then stay with those shows, but if you love Penn and Teller then there is no reason why you shouldn’t experience all the mystery and magic that they have to offer as well within the streets of Las Vegas!